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Jacob Goldman’s Bar Mitzvah Video

We had the pleasure of working with the Goldman family to produce an Entrance Video, a Video Montage with family interviews and a Slideshow of pictures and home videos that played in the background at the party.  Here is the movie poster we created to display during the cocktail party.



The Back Story

Jacob’s dad Larry wanted to do an Entrance Video similar to a few he saw online. He had already talked to a videographer to shoot video of the party and wanted him to produce a video to play before Jacob is introduced at his Bar Mitzvah Party.  The other videographer told Larry that he didn’t really do those kind of videos. So Larry went to the internet to find someone who could help him make his dream come to a reality. Larry found this blog and watched a couple of my videos. He called and started telling me the whole story on the phone. He wanted to use Pirates of the Caribbean as a theme but didn’t want it to be about pirates but wanted it to me more about an island. He told me that Jacob loved boats and wake boarding and wanted to include video of that into the video.

I told Larry that we really should meet first so that I can get a better understanding of what he really wanted. I was a little confused from the phone conversation. I also wanted to make sure Jacob was into this as much as his dad was.

The bottom line…we had a great meeting and started production of the video.  More details of the production will follow.

Here is the video that debuted on the big screen at the party.




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