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Tia Crystal on the WBZT 1230 – Part One

Tia Crystal debuted her radio show on Saturday on WBZT 1230 in West Palm Beach, Florida. U star Videos was in the studio and captured the show for your viewing pleasure.


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Hired for a Video Montage

Tia Crystal has hired me to make a video montage for her son’s Bar Mitzvah. The theme will be “Austin Powers”…more information to follow.

Tia is starting a new business, 2 Women with a Big Heart, and asked me to edit some video footage she had from a couple consulting sessions…they wanted to be on YouTube.

Tia is also starting a new radio show on Saturdays at 6:00PM on WBZT 1230 AM. We will be videotaping her first show on Saturday…so stay tuned.

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Stan Talks About His Video Montage

Stan stopped by the U star Video offices yesterday and was telling me how much he loved his video montage.  So I asked him to share with you on a video.  I added a few of the scenes from the montage so you can see what he was talking about.

He was amazed that I was able to bring his old home movies back to life for his family and friends to enjoy.  If you want to watch in high quality…click on the YouTube logo and it will take you to my YouTube page.

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