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Video Montages

PROJECTS  (to watch the videos click on any title with blue letters)

Sorry that many of the links no longer work.  I made the mistake of uploading them to Google Video.  I will be uploaded these videos to Viddler in the near future.  If there are any videos you want to see…just ask.


Surfin Bat Mitzvah

Welcome to the Bat Mitzvah

Hoop Dreams

Jake’s Mitzvah Movie

Nicole’s Bat Mitzvah

Hannah’s Bat Mitzvah

Alexa’s Bat Mitzvah

Spenser’s Bar Mitzvah

Entourage – The Mitzvah Movie


Mallory’s 18th Birthday

Stacey’s 50th Birthday

Herman’s 50th Birthday

Harry’s 80th Birthday

Lester’s 80th Birthday

Pearl’s 100th Birthday

Dot’s 80th Birthday

Stan’s 50th Anniversary

Jules Memorial Tribute


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  1. Dear Sir:

    I have a six year old son who is beginning his documentary effort to save endangered animals. He has his first interview this Sunday in Boca at 1:00 and I need to have the interview filmed. Please contact me at 561-862-8833 to discuss this matter. Thank you. Sincerely, Jodi Rutstein

    Comment by Jodi Rutstein | October 2, 2009 | Reply

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