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Some Wedding Videos

Here is a clip from the opening of a recent wedding video.  There was a great photoshoot with Tracey Ahrendt on the beach in Jupiter, Florida.  It also helps that the couple was…gorgeous.

The bride also did a special first dance with her father.

This clip is from another wedding…it was posted the next morning after the wedding.


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Tonight … Joseph is the STAR.

This is the video montage that will debut at Joseph’s Bar Mitzvah January 16, 2010 on the big screen at the Addison Reserve in Boca Raton, Florida.

My compliments to Joseph’s dad Steve…he shot some great home movies that I used in this video and his mom Rosebud who supplied all the great pictures.

Lots of great scenes with dancing…magic…lots of singing and an Elvis impersonator. Also some great football and tennis footage…something for everyone.

The first comment from my test audience:  “Joseph is adorable.”  Please watch and leave a comment.

Joseph’s Mitzvah Movie (Here is the link for Vimeo.)

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