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Richard’s Surprise 60th Birthday Video

Richard’s daughter Michelle was at Angelos’ Surprise 40th Birthday party in June and got to enjoy watching the video we produced about Angelos’ for his party.  Everyone was rolling over with laughter as the video played on the big screen at the party.

Michelle told her mother, Verne, about the video and suggested that Verne contact me to produce a similar video for her husband Richard’s 60th Birthday Party that they are planning.  I might be a bit bias…but I think this is the best birthday present that Richard will ever receive.

I met with Michelle and Verne at their family business SEES Inc. at we put together a plan for the production of the video.

The following video will debut on Saturday, September 18, 2010 on the big screen at the Carolina Club in Margate, Florida.

The following video is the scenes that didn’t make the final cut.  It includes everyone’s birthday wishes for Richard.


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