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Another Bat Mitzvah Entrance Video

We traveled to Naples to capture the whole Goodwich and Attman Families for this exciting Entrance Video. We heard it was a big hit.



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Lexi’s Bat Mitzvah Media Tour


One of our favorites…

The video montage we produced for Lexi’s Bat Mitzvah. It was a huge hit when it debuted on the big screen at her party.

The opening was created with this program.

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Introducing Same Day Edits for Weddings

Last Saturday…I (U star Videos) was covering the getting ready shots for David Sheriff Video Production. I have always wanted to try a “Same Day Edit” for a wedding. I think it is a fabulous way of entertaining guests at a wedding reception. 

I talked to the father of the bride and told him what I wanted to do. He liked the idea but couldn’t guarantee that they would be able to show it during the reception. So I set out to capture the behind the scene…STORY. 

There were a few STORYLINES that you will see in the footage:

The bride and the groom’s mother (who didn’t speak a word of English) share a touching moment about becoming…Mrs. Macelloni. 

The maid of honor (sister of the bride) gets a reaction from the bride when she shows the different shoes she brought to wear.

The best man is delayed at customs in Miami…without his luggage.

The bride tells us that no one has seen the dress yet.

Emily Harris Photography was on hand…doing some amazing photoshoots.

The bride and groom sent each other a video message before the ceremony.

The father of the bride has a moment with his daughter.

Cantor Debbi Ballard officiated a beautiful heartfelt ceremony.

I captured it all on video with one camera. I loaded all the footage into my laptop and proceeded to edit the footage into the video you will see below. Unfortunately the bride decided that they were too far behind in the schedule to take time to show the video on the big screen during the reception. So I gave her father a copy of the video to watch later that night.

When I realized we were not going to show it live…I left all the footage so it is longer then it would have been had we shown it to the guests. I would have cut it down to around five minutes to show at the reception.

Contact me if you would like to have a video like this at your wedding. Thank you for reading this and watching. 

“It’s your story and you’re the…STAR.”


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Sydney’s Bat Mitzvah

We at U star Videos were honored to be a part of Sydney’s Bat Mitzvah on May 5, 2012.  We created a video montage that was shown at the party and also took video of the night.

Here is the video Montage:

We did some exit interviews after the party. Here is what some of the guests had to say:

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Jacob Goldman’s Bar Mitzvah Video

We had the pleasure of working with the Goldman family to produce an Entrance Video, a Video Montage with family interviews and a Slideshow of pictures and home videos that played in the background at the party.  Here is the movie poster we created to display during the cocktail party.



The Back Story

Jacob’s dad Larry wanted to do an Entrance Video similar to a few he saw online. He had already talked to a videographer to shoot video of the party and wanted him to produce a video to play before Jacob is introduced at his Bar Mitzvah Party.  The other videographer told Larry that he didn’t really do those kind of videos. So Larry went to the internet to find someone who could help him make his dream come to a reality. Larry found this blog and watched a couple of my videos. He called and started telling me the whole story on the phone. He wanted to use Pirates of the Caribbean as a theme but didn’t want it to be about pirates but wanted it to me more about an island. He told me that Jacob loved boats and wake boarding and wanted to include video of that into the video.

I told Larry that we really should meet first so that I can get a better understanding of what he really wanted. I was a little confused from the phone conversation. I also wanted to make sure Jacob was into this as much as his dad was.

The bottom line…we had a great meeting and started production of the video.  More details of the production will follow.

Here is the video that debuted on the big screen at the party.



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Party to the Max – The Bar Mitzvah

We had a great time with Max Loria and his family…creating an entrance video and montage…and shooting the video of the Bar Mitzvah party. The party was held at the new hot spot for your special events … “V Boca“.

Here is the entrance video using greenscreen:

Here is the montage with interviews from the family:

Here is the Next Day Highlight video:

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“Jake’s…Here – The Mitzvah Movie”

Here is the poster for Jake’s Mitzvah Movie…stay tuned for the full video and the Stepbrother’s Trailer which will be posted after the party tonight.



Hopefully we will also be posting some clips from the most talked about Bar Mitzvah Party so far this season…over 100 kids going to be there.


Here is the Stepbrother’s Trailer:

Here is the full Mitzvah Movie

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/28546304]

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Drew Feinerman’s Bar Mitzvah Movie

Here is the latest video production from U star Videos…”Drew Feinerman’s Day Off”.  Drew fakes being sick so he can stay home and make his Mitzvah Movie.  There is a lot of pressure since his Bar Mitzvah is the next day.  The whole Feinerman Family is involved in the production and as you will see in the outtakes at the end…had a lot of fun.
Drew’s Mitzvah Movie debuts on the big screen on Saturday, November 20, 2010 at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida.  The response from the pre-release viewings has been overwhelmingly…positive. Drew’s dad wrote to us after he saw it…”It is freakin’ GREAT!  Love it.”

Hope you enjoy watching it and leave a comment.  Please become a fan of our Facebook Page:  http://facebook.com/ustarvideos

Here is the trailer for the movie.

And here is the full movie.

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Jonathan & Kimberly’s Wedding Trailer

Here is the trailer from Jonathan and Kimberly’s Wedding Video…enjoy…it was a gorgeous affair.

Owen O’Malley
“The Video Storyteller”
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Friend me:  http://facebook.com/oweno
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Richard’s Surprise 60th Birthday Video

Richard’s daughter Michelle was at Angelos’ Surprise 40th Birthday party in June and got to enjoy watching the video we produced about Angelos’ for his party.  Everyone was rolling over with laughter as the video played on the big screen at the party.

Michelle told her mother, Verne, about the video and suggested that Verne contact me to produce a similar video for her husband Richard’s 60th Birthday Party that they are planning.  I might be a bit bias…but I think this is the best birthday present that Richard will ever receive.

I met with Michelle and Verne at their family business SEES Inc. at we put together a plan for the production of the video.

The following video will debut on Saturday, September 18, 2010 on the big screen at the Carolina Club in Margate, Florida.

The following video is the scenes that didn’t make the final cut.  It includes everyone’s birthday wishes for Richard.

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