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This is Your Story – A Video Montage

This is my latest video montage for my mom’s 80th birthday. I will show it at a family gathering on Saturday night. This one is more personal then most of the montages I do and it is longer then the usual. There is more home movies and inside story stuff. This video won’t be playing in front of a large crowd at a special event…just family in her living room.


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I joined Twitter Squeeze

Last night I spent my first dollars on internet marketing. I am new to all this and have signed up on many lists and get tons of email with all the sales pitches. I am learning about opt in pages and sales letters. So far I am not liking most of them…almost as much as I don’t like telemarketers.

But last night after watching Rick Butts on his ustream show I decided to spend the $20 and join his Twitter Squeeze site. I am interested to see how he set up the site and does his video training. I have watched a few of his videos and he is trying to make them look professional and at the same time let his personality show.

After I watch some of the videos I will comment further about them.

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