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Sunday League Tournament

This is the video that I produced for the Sunday League Tournament held at Grandview Prep in Boca Raton, Florida.  The winners received a complimentary copy of the DVD with a custom label with their picture on it.  All players can purchase a copy of the DVD for a special price of $10…everyone else can buy copies of the DVD for $20.  These DVD’s will also have the player’s picture on the label.  The picture below is a copy of Matt’s DVD.


This is a compressed version of the video for the internet.  The DVD version is a much better picture.


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Josh’s Bar Mitzvah “MOJO”

Here are the videos for Josh’s Bar Mitzvah which will debut on the big screen at his party at the Polo Club in Boca Raton, Florida.

The first video will be played as he is about to enter the room.

The second video will be played at dinner.

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Basketball Tournament Videos – Same Day Edit

Here are the videos from the Semifinal Games of the Sunday Morning League Annual Basketball Tournament that were played at Grandview Prep in Boca Raton, Florida.  The games were played the evening of Dec. 11, 2008.  I shot the video, uploaded the footage and posted to YouTube and Viddler the same night.

The videos are compressed for a quick upload to the internet so the quality is not the best ( I wanted everyone to see themselves…right away).  The final DVD’s from the games will be much clearer and include all round robin games and post game interviews with the players.

The team that won will receive complimentary copies of the DVD and everyone else can purchase copies for $10.

Edit:  Thank you for those responding to me on email.   I am glad that you appreciated the extra effort I put in last night.  I find it amazing that with today’s technology and a little effort we can get our message out to the world.  I am always looking for new creative ways of using video and the internet…and this video is an example of how we can “put it out there”.

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Josh’s Bar Mitzvah “MOJO”

Here is a clip from my latest video masterpiece.  It is still in production and we are shooting a special guest for the video today.

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