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A Wedding Love Story

Ashley and Chad saw one of our productions called A Fairy Tale Love Story and decided that they wanted a similar video story created for their wedding.  Ashley contacted us through our Fanpage on Facebook…and the rest is history.  Here is the video that debuted on the Big Screen on the patio of the Delray Marriott at their rehearsal dinner.

Everyone loved the video and Melissa, Ashley’s sister, told us that her family and friends appreciated getting to know the couple that was getting married the next day.

Mona, Ashley’s mom responded with a review on U star Videos..Yelp site.

I want to be first!!! This man is a genius! Those who are lucky enough to find and hire him to tell their story will be forever grateful for the incredible effort, unbelievable expertise and amazing talent that Owen gives to his projects. Each project is individualized and will portray the story you dreamed of telling in a magical way! All I can say is WOW! Everyone who has seen our video is blown away!! Eternally grateful…please call me for more accolades….I will run out of space praising him here. Amazing and a joy to work with. He never met us before this project and cried while watching it with us! Very very special soul and talented beyond belief!! Trust me…hire him!

We would like to thank Mona for the kind words.

Here are some additional comments from Facebook:

Ashley: Owen!!! You helped make our wedding weekend so so so magical!!!! WOW is all we can say…so lucky to have had you there last night too, we cannot wait to see the video! xoxoxo

Melissa Fisher Emihovich: Hmmm…Where to start? Wee sing? Mr. Ed?! The Little Mermaid! The part with Ash and her blanket! I love it all!!!

Drew Rosenthal: Great job again, Owen, but I’m partial to ours….for obvious reasons!

Ellen Silver: Owen…terrific job on this video and thank you so mch for posting it – Chad and Ashley were very lucky to have found you to tel their story. Love you, Ellen

Carol Stein: Wasn’t that a gorgeous weekend!! Glad to have met you – Your video was superb!


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Another Birthday – Another Surprise Birthday Video

Natasha contacted me a few weeks ago about making a video for her husband’s surprise 40th Birthday Party.  She gave me a few pictures from when he was a baby…a few as a teenager holding some fish…one of him with an old girlfriend…their wedding video and the names and phone numbers of a few of his friends.  From there…we did the rest.

I contact his friends and set up on camera interviews…interviewed his kids…downloaded some clips from YouTube…interviewed his staff at his office and put together the following story.  Everyone “roared” with laughter as the video played.

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