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Surprise 50th Birthday Video

I was honored the other night to show a video montage that I made for Chris’s 50th Birthday.  His sister Lisa, contacted me and told me that she wanted to do something special for his birthday.  Lisa gathered the pictures and video clips that she had of her brother.  Sarah, Chris’s wife, also supplied some of the pictures used in the video.  Lisa’s husband David, came up with the opening script and Chris’s son Sean sent a clip of him wishing his dad a happy birthday and the audio clip that was used in the opening voice over.

Since golf is a big part of Chris’s life, I went on YouTube and found some clips of Tiger Woods and music clips that fit the pictures.

This is the video that debuted on the big screen at his party.  Janet Donelly took the pictures of Chris watching his video.

I also put together a shorter version with just the golf scenes for his golfing buddies to watch.

Here are the pictures of Chris enjoying the video.


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Palm Beach Post’s First Tweetup

Last night I had the pleasure of attending and documenting the first #pbctweetup.  There were over 120 people and everyone had a great time…as you will see in the video.

Special thanks to @Surflocal and @vpm for organizing, @leilawpb for hosting at his beautiful restaurant…Leila’s, and @lapp for lending his interviewing skills to enhance the video.

Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment.  I am sorry if your scene in the video was cut…there were so many great interviews…not all of them made it into the final cut.

If you have an event and want a video to post the next morning make sure you call me…@OwenO “The Video Storyteller”.  We have packages priced to fit any budget.

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